Kidney seller from a village in the Philippines.
Philip and Hernan, kidney brokers in the Philippines.
Mary Jo Vradis, on dialysis for nine years.
Dr. Yusuf Sonmez, Turkish transplant surgeon wanted by Interpol for organ trafficking.
Kidney sellers in Quezon, Philippines.

Kidney sellers in Quezon, Philippines.
Jonathan Ratel, EU Prosecutor, Kosovo.
Eddieboy (waiting to sell his kidney) & family, Manila, Philippines.
Walter, in desperate need of a kidney, Denver, Colorado.
Jason, sold his kidney on craigslist.

Hector, sold his kidney on the black market with life threatening consequences.
Three brothers who sold their kidneys, Quezon, Philippines.
Joboy, wants to sell his kidney, Manila, Philippines.
Noli & family. He sold his kidney with no regrets.
Dr. Zaki Shapira, transplant surgeon, Israel.

Street scene, Manila, Philippines.
Surgery scars, Quezon, Philippines.
Surgery scar, Quezon, Philippines.
Kidney sellers showing their surgery scars, Quezon, Philippines.
Jonathan Ratel, EU Prosecutor, with film crew, Kosovo.

Director Ric Esther Bienstock (right) on location, Kosovo.
DOP Frank Vilaca (left) and Joboy, Manila, Philippines.
Raul Fain.